Past & Future

Hatfield & Dawson is a Washington LLC (Limited Liability Company) and is wholly owned by its principal engineers. The firm was established in its present form in 1973, and is the successor to James B. Hatfield Sr., Consulting Engineer, firm est. 1945.

In order to provide accurate assessments of the alternatives available to any client in the complex and rapidly changing environment in which all wireless communications systems operate, it is necessary for all personnel in our firm to remain abreast of both technical and regulatory changes that affect that environment. In many cases, we are required to perform an analysis of changes in technology and of regulatory actions by the FCC in a specific area along with an assessment of how those changes will affect the client's wireless communication systems and environment over time periods that may extend into the next decade.

We have produced long-term strategic plans for a number of different government and private entities in which we have analyzed viable technology options available to the client, including an assessment of their potential costs, advantages and disadvantages, and recommendations on the appropriateness of those technologies given the scope of the client's communications needs identified in the project.

In some cases we have addressed very specific technical and regulatory constraints imposed by the location of wireless systems (e.g. constraints imposed on wireless systems by treaty in areas in close proximity to international borders).

As part of these long-term strategic plans, we have made recommendations regarding the continued use of existing systems, potential design criteria for new systems, and on policies or procedures that should be implemented by the client to ensure correct system operation and effective spectrum resource management in the future.

The members of our firm maintain awareness of both technological and regulatory changes affecting the realm of wireless communications by constantly reviewing applicable journals and magazines in the field, by working frequently with equipment vendors, by staying abreast of FCC news releases, rulemaking proposals, and other FCC releases, and by participating in industry forums and conferences--including IEEE committees. (One of the principals of the firm, James B. Hatfield, P.E., serves on the IEEE SCC Committee and its five subcommittees, which sets standards for non-ionizing radiation hazards.) We maintain subscriptions to a large number of technical journals and to the FCC daily releases in all of the areas in which we do work. We also maintain a large and very complete technical and legal reference library.