dTR/H&D Joint Venture

The dTR/H&D Joint Venture is comprised of the firms of duTreil, Lundin & Rackley, Inc. and Hatfield & Dawson Consulting Engineers LLC. The Joint Venture was established to combine the experience of two of the most respected US radio engineering consulting firms in order to jointly pursue high-power (in excess of 50 kW) medium wave antenna system and allocation engineering projects for the International Broadcasting Bureau. Since its inception, the Joint Venture has worked on high-power antenna systems that operate on LF (30-300 kHz), MW (300-3,000 kHz), and HF (3 MHz -30 MHz), not only for the US Government but for other Governments and other providers of high-power radio services world wide. The dTR/H&D Joint Venture is an established joint venture, and the partner firms have worked together on many other projects over more than two decades. The Joint Venture brings together a unique and highly motivated team of experienced professionals.

Management of the Joint Venture's individual projects is carried out by the project manager. Technical supervision and technical task assignment are performed by the Joint Venture technical director. Each task and subtask is assigned according to workload levels and technical requirements to the staff members selected by the technical director. The Joint Venture is experienced and skilled at quick project assignment and turnaround.

The dTR/H&D Joint Venture uses established quality control, schedule maintenance, and cost control procedures. All work undertaken by the Joint Venture firms is subject to a formal, documented internal quality control program. This program includes independent review of all engineering analysis and recommendations by technical team leaders. When the Joint Venture employs subcontractors, they are required as part of the project scope of work contained in their contract to adhere to our QA/QC program requirements.