Hatfield & Dawson Consulting Engineers

9500 Greenwood Avenue North, Seattle, WA 98103
phone: 206.783.9151; fax: 206.789.9834;
email: hatdaw (at) hatdaw (dot) com

Hatfield & Dawson is a Washington State consulting engineering firm with a specialized practice in telecommunications and electromagnetic engineering. The firm has been in operation in its present form since 1973 and is the successor to the firm of James B. Hatfield (Sr.), established in 1945.

The principals and associates of the firm have experience in nearly all aspects of telecommunications and electromagnetic engineering. The firm performs telecommunications policy analysis, operational and economic planning, conceptual and specific system design, government agency and license application engineering, preparation of specifications, construction supervision, propagation analysis, measurements, testing and operational review of

  • AM, FM, and TV allocation engineering and FCC application processing
  • Two-way and wireless communications systems
  • Transmission and antenna systems for AM and FM broadcasting
  • Microwave communication and data links
  • Television systems for broadcast and closed circuit
  • Specialized electromagnetic engineering and analysis
  • Electromagnetic compatibility of multiple use transmission sites
  • Non-ionizing radiation hazard analysis
  • Field strength measurement
  • Propagation studies and analysis

Hatfield & Dawson has a long history of innovative telecommunications engineering ranging from regulatory planning for government licensing agencies to hands-on system and facility design and implementation. Because the firm specializes in telecommunications engineering work, its analysis and planning activities benefit from specific experience with the implementation and operation of the communications systems under study. We have performed extensive regulatory analysis and communications systems planning for numerous clients. These clients include: cities; counties; states; and agencies of the United States and foreign governments; broadcasting companies; telecommunications common carriers; industrial communications users; educational institutions; and cable and satellite television system operators.

Hatfield & Dawson has a staff of eleven, including eight engineers and three support staff. Seven of the eight engineers are Registered Professional Engineers. The principal engineers of the firm are members of the Association of Federal Communications Consulting Engineers (AFCCE) and the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE). Members of the firm serve on the main and subcommittees of the Standards Coordinating Committee 28 of the International Committee on Electromagnetic Safety (ICES) of the IEEE. The firm maintains a fully equipped laboratory and shop, and owns a large variety of specialized test and measurement equipment, as well as an extensive library.