Paul W. Leonard, PE (1925-2011)
Professional Electrical Engineer since 1958

Education: BS, Electrical Engineering

We celebrate the life of Paul Leonard, our friend, colleague, father, husband, and inspiration to many. Paul Leonard passed away on April 19th. He is survived by Virginia, his wife and partner of over 60 years. He and Virginia shared a wondeful life with three children, Peter, Patricia, and John, and two grandchildren, Cecilia and Kalina.

Paul and Virginia enjoyed many special moments together blending their different interests to enrich on another's life. Paul was admired by all, not only because of his professional expertise, but also because of his wide range of knowledge in the areas of technology, public affairs, history, and music. Paul enjoyed playing the piano and he never missed any of Virginia's violin performances with her chamber group.

Paul started his enigneering career at Boeing in the New Mexico testing grounds and continuted with the Antenna group in Seattle until he retirend after 34 years. Missing the intellectual stimulation of his work, he then joined a small specialized engineering firm, Hatfield & Dawson, where he spent the next 25 years as the "eminence grise" of the firm. Paul was an expert not only in the theory, but also in the application and testing of various types of antennas. His skill in numerical modeling was invaluable to the United States Navy, to broadcasting stations, and other radio systems users. Paul was a charter principal in the formation of the Applied Computational Electromagnetics Society, whose conferences and publications have had worldwide influence. Most importantly, Paul was always a mentor and teacher to those who worked with him.

Paul will be rememgered as a loving husband and father and as a dear friend and colleague. Everyone who was part of Paul's life over the years feels his loss. Paul will have a special place in the heart of every person who was fortunate enough to know him.