Hatfield & Dawson Consulting Engineers

Benjamin F. Dawson, III, PE

Active Registrations:
Professional Electrical Engineer: WA, CA

IEEE Communications, Vehicular, and Broadcast Technologies Societies
Association of Federal Communications Consulting Engineers (AFCCE)
Society of Broadcast Engineers
Society of American Military Engineers

Mr. Dawson has 50 years experience with telecommunications engineering. He is senior engineer of counsel. He specializes in antenna and propagation design and analysis, and has been responsible for system design and specification for over 100 medium wave, UHF, and VHF broadcasting antenna systems, including propagation analysis and site selections.

He has prepared specifications for and designed dozens of point-to-point video, data, and voice radio systems at UHF, VHF, and microwave frequencies. He has written policy analyses and performed related technical research for communications regulations and communications technology for private clients and local, state, Federal, and foreign governments. Mr. Dawson has analyzed and prepared reports regarding the environmental effects of telecommunications facilities and industrial radio frequency devices. He has made measurement and field inspection of facilities for propagation and verification of computer and manual prediction methods.

Mr. Dawson has been a delegate (appointed by FCC and State Department) to International Telecommunications Union (ITU-R) Study Group 10 (Broadcasting) and Study Group 12 (Interservice Electromagnetic Compatibility). His early experience includes engineering and engineering management positions for radio and television broadcasting companies, which involved responsibility for facility design, specification, and construction.