Hatfield & Dawson Consulting Engineers


Understanding how a system is used, where communication is required, what needs to be communicated, and who needs to communicate with whom are all critical to a complete needs analysis and to the proper technical evaluation of a radio system. Hatfield & Dawson have the experience needed to guide our clients through each step of the process. The firm offers the following services:

Hatfield & Dawson is able to provide these services for the following communications types:

The firm has a great deal of experience with the operational and logistical use of public safety agency communications systems, as well as the technical expertise required to provide radio system engineering analysis and design, system configuration alternatives, accurate cost analysis, and detailed design work.

We are able to provide clear and concise reports for both technical and non-technical audiences, on both technical and operational characteristics of a given system. Our expertise allows us to help our clients determine what requirements their system needs to have in order to suit their unique needs. Our reports can also include coverage maps built with the latest propagation analysis tools, using theoretical, empirical, or hybrid signal propagation models.