James B. Hatfield, PE

email: hatfield (at) hatdaw (dot) com

Active Registration:
Professional Electrical Engineer, WA, OR, HI

Education: BS Electrical Engineering, University of Washington

IEEE Standards Coordinating Committee and subcommittees
IEEE Antenna & Propagation, Broadcast Technology, and Electromagnetic Compatibility Societies
Bioelectromagnetics Society
Applied Computational Electromagnetics Society

Chairman, Radiation Hazards Subcommittee of the Association of Federal Communications Consulting Engineers

James B. Hatfield, P.E., senior engineer of counsel for Hatfield & Dawson Consulting Engineers, has prepared environmental assessments of ELF, VLF, MF, VHF, UHF, and microwave electromagnetic fields. He has provided calculations and measurements of electromagnetic fields at AM, FM, television, cellular telephone, land mobile, and microwave installations with reference to the RF exposure limits specified by FCC, NCRP, ICNIRP and IEEE Std. C95.1, 1999 Edition. He has measured the electromagnetic field emissions from RF heat sealers, power lines, and video display terminals (CRT, VDT) in homes, offices, and industrial environments.

Representative Projects

  • Technical supervisor for analysis and detuning crane structures for Port of Seattle.
  • Technical supervisor for specifications and analysis for detuning microwave tower, Pt. Spencer, AK.
  • Non-ionizing radiation analysis and measurements for over 100 projects, including City of Seattle, City of Honolulu, and communications system owners at several dozen locations.
  • Expert witness for numerous EMC and related cases, including Mt. Potosi, NV.
  • Project manager, design engineering for analysis, specification, implementation, and testing for high power medium wave antenna systems, Auburn, WA and others.
  • Expert witness in analysis of radiation hazard analysis and human exposure to high-level non-ionizing radiation in several instances.
  • Hawaii, City and County of Honolulu, Department of Land Utilization: Prepared a report on electromagnetic compatibility of a proposed transmitting facility and its relationship to local land use ordinances.
  • Hawaii Electric Company: Moment method analysis and measurements of RF shock and burn currents from power transmission line adjacent to AM broadcast tower.
  • Non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation (NIER) measurements and studies at Cougar Mountain near Seattle, WA, for FM and TV Broadcast Stations.
  • RF heat sealer measurements in Seattle, WA.
  • NIER EMF measurements and expert witness for US West, New Vector Group for various proposed cell sites.
  • NIER EMF measurements and expert witness for Cellular One regarding proposed cell sites.
  • NIER EMF measurements and meetings with citizens regarding proposed 800 MHz radio system for Arlington County, VA.
  • NIER EMF measurements of VHF transmission facility at proposed cell site for Santa Barbara County, CA.
  • NIER EMF measurements of radio and television VHF and UHF facilities for the City of Seattle.
  • Consultant to City of Seattle on NIER aspects of EIS for proposals to increase heights of television towers in the city.
  • Consultant to King County on NIER aspects of proposed new land use policies for telecommunications facilities.
  • Consultant to City of Seattle Office of Long Range Planning on NIER policies for telecommunications.
  • Port Of Seattle: Extensive measurements and analysis of electromagnetic compatibility and NIER matters vis--vis radio transmitting facilities within the Port of Seattle.
  • NIER magnetic (ELF and LF) and electric field measurements (LF), contact and induced current measurements, x-ray and ionizing radiation measurements on transmitter, and tower lighting circuit insulation resistance measurements at United States Coast Guard LORAN transmission facilities.
  • Stimson Company: NIER and Electromagnetic Compatibility studies of high power industrial equipment.
  • Consultant to KOMO (Fisher Broadcasting) for measurements of NIER levels on Queen Anne Hill.
  • Cellular Telephone and Telecommunications Facilities: Non-ionizing radiation predictions, calculations, measurements, expert testimony for over 100 telecommunications facilities (broadcast, land mobile, cellular, microwave).
  • Multiple-Use Transmitter Sites: Measurements and analysis for planning, site management, and remedial measures at multiple-use electronics sites.