Hatfield & Dawson Consulting Engineers

James B. Hatfield, PE

Active Registration:
Professional Electrical Engineer, WA, OR, HI

Education: BS Electrical Engineering, University of Washington

IEEE Standards Coordinating Committee and subcommittees
IEEE Antenna & Propagation, Broadcast Technology, and Electromagnetic Compatibility Societies
Bioelectromagnetics Society
Applied Computational Electromagnetics Society

Chairman, Radiation Hazards Subcommittee of the Association of Federal Communications Consulting Engineers

James B. Hatfield, P.E., senior engineer of counsel, has prepared environmental assessments of ELF, VLF, MF, VHF, UHF, and microwave electromagnetic fields. He has provided calculations and measurements of electromagnetic fields at AM, FM, television, cellular telephone, land mobile, and microwave installations with reference to the RF exposure limits specified by FCC, NCRP, ICNIRP and IEEE Std. C95.1, 1999 Edition. He has measured the electromagnetic field emissions from RF heat sealers, power lines, and video display terminals (CRT, VDT) in homes, offices, and industrial environments.