Thomas S. Gorton, PE

email: gorton (at) hatdaw (dot) com

Active Registration:
Professional Electrical Engineer, WA, OR

Education: BS Electrical Engineering, Seattle University


Mr. Gorton has over 20 years experience with all types of communications systems. This experience includes public safety, transit, complex cellular infrastructure, and broadcast facilities. He has performed analyses of antenna and electromagnetic propagation problems and calculations of non-ionizing radiation density at multiple use communications sites for compliance with federal and local standards for environmental impact. He has designed medium wave, VHF, UHF, and microwave propagation and antenna systems. His experience encompasses the design, installation supervision, and testing of complex cellular infrastructures throughout Washington State, including cellular base stations. He has been responsible for planning, installation, and project management for a major metropolitan broadcast station, including all significant RF activities.

Representative Projects

  • Propagation measurements for King County Wastewater Treatment Division.
  • Propagation studies and data analysis for radio systems for Sound Transit.
  • Rebuild of control system for MW broadcast station facility, KZOK.
  • Supervisor of project to mitigate interference problems between AT&T and Nextel at commonly used or contiguous sites.
  • Design and installation supervision of microcell and in-building distributed antenna system.
  • Design and FCC application for numerous AM and FM broadcast stations, land mobile facilities.
  • Facility siting and land use analysis and litigation support, including Qwest Cougar Mt. Project.